Tedone Paper first began its operations in 2004. Located in Doral Florida. Our expertise is in specialty rolls of any grade or thickness of paper to the highly technical specifications required for the many varying ECR, POS and business machine equipment applications in our everyday life.

We carry stock inventory for standard products and we can make and store tailor-made rolls for your wide growing needs as our society goes more towards electronic-transaction based technology that requires labels, forms, and transaction-based receipt paper. Whatever the application even if not listed here below, we can work with you to create it!

- Adding machine or calculator receipt paper rolls
- Advertising receipt paper rolls
- ATM receipt paper rolls
- Cash register (traditional and electronic cash registers) receipt paper rolls
- Casino / Gaming / Lottery receipt paper rolls
- Entertainment (Cinema, Contests, etc…) receipt paper rolls
- Gasoline station pump receipt paper rolls
- Kiosk printer receipt paper rolls
- Kitchen printer receipt paper rolls
- Point-of-sale systems (stationary and mobile) receipt paper rolls
- Parking meter receipt paper rolls 
- Payment systems (debit/credit transaction processing) receipt paper rolls 
- Recycling Consignment Refund system receipt paper rolls 
- Transit system (aviation, rail, bus) transfer receipt paper rolls
- Weighing systems receipt paper rolls

- Banquet rolls
- Counter rolls for; the automotive paint body shop, construction, industrial parts, packaging, pattern, scholastic, stuffing, retail, wrapping and otherwise
- Medical examination rolls
- Plotter paper rolls for engineering
- Thermal facsimile rolls


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