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Top Reasons Why Restaurant Chains Use Thermal Paper Rolls

Top Reasons Why Restaurant Chains Use Thermal Paper Rolls

Restaurant and fast food chains make it a point to serve their customers with quality, integrity, and speed. This includes the checking out process.

It is not surprising that an increasing number of businesses in the food service industry are now using thermal printer paper to print out their customer receipts.

The more traditional printers use liquid ink to produce images. A thermal printer doesn’t need separate ink, ribbon, or toner supplies. It uses tiny heating elements and chemically-treated thermal POS paper to print items like shipping labels or customer receipts.

Thermal papers have a unique coating especially designed for inkless printing. The thermal paper printer applies heat to the coating and you get an image that is sharp and clear. This innovative process is fast and efficient. It is also more cost effective and advantageous than the more traditional printing techniques.

Join the increasing number of service-oriented restaurant chains that are now using thermal paper rolls for customer receipts. With this process, your cashier simply presses on the print button, and the printer immediately feeds out two receipts. One goes to the customer and the other goes to the kitchen to inform them what food to prepare.

Using thermal paper rolls gives fast food chains and restaurants the following advantages:

  • It is fast and accurate.

ATM machines, grocery outlets, gasoline stations, health care services and other retailers that use POS applications are now into thermal printing. It is fast. It is accurate.

If your restaurant uses POS applications, you can upgrade your services by using thermal printing for your customer receipts. You get high-quality and accurate customer receipts in a matter of milliseconds.

Thermal printers operate at a much faster rate compared to other printers. Using heat from the thermal printer, you create images in milliseconds. It is the best option for package printing, label printing, and, in the case of restaurants and fast food outlets, for printing receipts for customers.

  • The results are durable.

Thermal printers create durable labels, receipts, and signs. You can expect customer receipts printed from the use of the thermal printing process to last longer than those printed using conventional ink printing methods. They can withstand a wider range of weather conditions. 

  • It is cheaper.

The process may require you to put out an initial investment for the thermal printer. In the long run, however, you save more money.

The process is inkless. The image is created with the use of heat. You just have to spend on receipt paper rolls. Most restaurants use 2 1/4" x 50' (58mm x 15m). You don’t need other consumables like ribbon or ink cartridges.

  • You spend less on maintenance costs.

Few things are likely to go wrong with a thermal printer. It has fewer moving parts. It is unlikely to require a lot of service and maintenance calls from technicians. This means that you save money on repair fees.

  • It is the best option for point-of-sale applications.

You can use thermal printer and POS paper supply to speed up the operations in your restaurant. The process helps your business to provide your customers with service that is precise, fast, and accurate.

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